watt is a journal in the field of performance art conceived as an open-air studio
that extends from paper to different spaces.

First and foremost a paper publication, bilingual French/English, which came
into being in 2017, watt is declined, depending on the invitations,
into exhibition spaces to become watt(e)space
or outdoor sound spaces — wattscape(s).
Through the production of interviews, sketches, images and recordings,
the magazine seeks to enter into the material of an artistic work
by bringing to light a working process
and offering access to the imaginary of the works
and to the manufacture of tools. 

watt thinks of orality as a tool, as an act of declaration that both informs and
transforms the reality of the practice or even prolongs the creative act.
The act of speaking is seen as a learning process
that allows elements to emerge that were not, or not yet, discernible
in the practice before this work putting it into words. 

watt studio is a futur french podcast.
Each episode takes place in the studio of an artist,
and goes into the material of the work,
the interrogations of a moment T and the exploration
of the sources and the inspirations.
In the 25 minutes that an episode lasts,
the listener follows a particular day of work.
The first two episodes will be available soon.